1) The rig or ridge on the top of a building, sometimes used less precisely of the roof itself.

1399-1400 Et in s. j hominis temporantis lutum pro ryggyng pro prćdicta domo 4d, Ripon

1700 was seen upon Thomas Hodgson’s house rigging, going on the slate, Bradford. The stones used for the ridge were described in a number of ways: 1658 for Leading of slate & rigging stones 7s 4d, Elland

1710 for lime, latts, nailes, ridgeing stones, moss, Colne Bridge

1815 Ridgins fetching 5s, South Crosland. It could refer to other roofing materials: 1675 to digge, grave and carry away morter, stones and rigging sods, Hanlith, and to covers or 'roofs' more generally: 1642 cutte of one of the endes of the stacke ... takinge of as much as wee thinke will serve our turnes for toppinge up or rigginge of the same, Elmswell.

spellings rigging
dates 1399-1400 1642 1658 1675 1700 1710 1815

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0