1) In the fifteenth century, pigs and other farmyard animals were weighed by the ‘score’ which was equivalent to twenty or twenty-one pounds.

It was used for a wider range of materials in the sixteenth century: 1539 a score off sand viijd, York

1593 a score of harden cloth, South Cave. It also occurred regularly in colliery accounts from the seventeenth century: 1694 was to pay him 1s 6d a score, Lepton

1710 Coales on the Hill 35 Sc. at 2s 6d a score, Farnley

1760 Pd for 9 score of wood borrowing 1s 1˝d, Tong.

dates 1539 1593 1694 1710 1760

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0