1) A term for one of the processes by which wool is converted into yarn, originally using hand cards but later a machine which had rollers covered with card wires.

1727 2 pairs scribblers and stocks, Holmfirth

1741 he was to have Ł4 15s wages and was to scribble nine pounds of wool each day and then to be at liberty to go where he pleased, Churwell

1758 The quantity of wooll ... for a man to scribble of one d is 36 pound if itt is for mixt, Wakefield

1788 engines for scribbling or carding of wool, Hunsworth

1794 Occupier of Scribling Engeons, South Crosland.

dates 1727 1741 1758 1788 1794

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0