1) A closely woven material, used particularly for linings and bed coverings.

1346 Item in unam robam et unum chalonem et unum linthiamen, York

1455 2 duss’ chalons ... 32 pannis sine grano, Hull. Clearly some were being imported but more than a dozen examples of the occupation of chaloner were recorded in the West Riding poll tax, where it occurred also as a byname: 1379 Willelmus Shalunhare, Elland. The subsequent lack of evidence may point to a decline in its production and popularity but references are again numerous from the eighteenth century: 1739 John Windle ... one afternoon at Keighley took five shalloons of the tenters

1751 a coat lining of shalloon, Pontefract

1762 orders for 15 or 16 hundred shalloons wich are low prised ones, Wakefield.

dates 1346 1379 1455 1739 1751 1762

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0