1) Of uncertain meaning.

In 1272, a butcher called Robertus Witheskirtes was enrolled as a freeman of York and the interpretation of ‘skirt’ in this by-name poses a problem. The more obvious possibilities are a garment worn by men, recorded in c.1330, or the flaps of a saddle, usually in the plural as here, a term known from the thirteenth century. If the man’s occupation is considered perhaps ‘midriff of an animal ... especially as used for food’ should be considered.

places York
dates 1272

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2) An outlying piece of land, away from the main holding.

1697 beinge upon a skirt of land of his within Ossett, called Barefoote Crofte.

places Ossett
dates 1697

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0