1) A narrow piece of land.

1775 a small slip of land between this and the bounds of Sowerby township, Halifax

1834 pieces or slips of woody ground and land, Northowram. It gave rise to a small number of minor place-names, for example ‘Slip’ in Northowram and probably the ‘Slip Inn’ in Longwood: 1812 A Slip of land beginning at a place called Haughs lane top and extending ... about 300 yards in a line towards the Guide Stone at Raw Nook, Longwood.

dates 1812 1834

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2) To take a slip or cutting from a tree for the purpose of propagation.

1778 shall not Commit ... any Manner of Waste ... Fell Crop top prune Slip or Destroy any Timber, Addingham.

places Addingham
dates 1778

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0