1) This common occupational term has had a range of related meanings over the centuries which includes farriers, marshals and ore-smelters.

In Sheffield in particular it is clear that the numerous ‘smiths’ listed in the poll tax of 1379 were not shoeing smiths but craftsmen who were producing a variety of iron wares. The Ordinances for the occupation of Smithes in Beverley offer an insight into those workers who were considered to be ‘smiths’: 1596 ‘Every master of the said arte of smithes, armourers, cutlers, swordslipers and hardewayremen', and an earlier paragraph has the following interesting definition: ‘any smith working upon any stithie of iron shall be obedient to the Wardens and Stewards’.

places Beverley
dates 1596

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0