1) A large tub.

1412 Et de una Sue de empcione, Selby

1459 cum tubbes, soes, alepoittes, Ripon

1566 Item iiij skeiles a soa with other implementes iiis iiijd, South Cave

1590 everye ayle brewer … sell their aile for ijs xd the soe every soo contayninge seaven gallons at the fatt syde, York

1698 For a ridle, a soe, 5 scutles and 1 hand barrow 3s 2d, Pickering. They were evidently quite large tubs: 1580-1 Johane Calame beinge about a year and a half oulde by misfortune drowned in a soo of water, York.

dates 1412 1459 1566 1580-1581 1590 1698

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0