1) A large tub which had two ‘ears’ through which a pole might be passed.

1468-9 ‘For 5 girths bought for the Trinity saa’, Hull

1497 j maskfatt, j gylefatt, et j saa, Adel

1530 for two gyrthys to a say, 1d, York

1554 ij kymmeles, a sea, an arke, South Cave

1566 a masken fatt, 3 cowlinge tubes, a saye, a swine tubbe and thre gallons, Grinton

1663 J Briggs pro watersea & piggen, Ripon.

spellings saa sea
dates 1468-1469 1497 1530 1554 1566 1663

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2) A cloth of fine texture, like serge, formerly made partly of silk but later entirely of wool.

1310 ‘Sayes of Wortstede price Ł4’, Hull

1394 et sur mon corps un drape de blew saye, Wighill

1432 unum lectum de rede say enbrowded, Lead Grange

1490 a vestiment of blake seye, York

c.1537 the halle ... hanged with fine say ... Normandy sey with moche other Englysshe saye, Halifax

1636 scotch cloth and say garters, Thirsk

1697 one green say appron, East Ardsley.

dates 1310 1394 1432 1490 1537 1636 1697

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0