1) Reddish-brown or chestnut coloured, used particularly of horses, sometimes as a name.

1257 j pullum sorellum, Harpham

1406 et equum meum vocatum sorell, York

1515 iij horses viz Gryme, Brun and Sorell Gosell, North Frodingham

1541 my sorolde gelding, Aughton

1620 one graye mare, one sorrel mare and one sorrel fillie, South Cave

1637 one graye meare & her fole & one sorrill coulte, Brayton

1697 to Francis Thinkell of Gateforth my sorrell’d gelding. Occasionally used of a cow: 1551 a cowe called Sourell, Great Ouseburn.

spellings sorrelled
dates 1257 1406 1515 1541 1551 1620 1637 1697

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0