1) An upright bar, especially in a window. In early references they were often made of wood but some were of iron as early as 1472-3 (OED).

1335 Stanciones vero erunt novem enchiarum, York

1433 iij balkes, iiij stanzones, vij bandclogs, York

1454-5 et j quart’ meremii in burdis, stauns, York

1490 De viij bordes cum j stannshon stantibus inter coquinam et lez bowyltyng-hows, York

1637 tenn windowe stanchions of iron, Liversedge

1726 the persons which stole the goods did take out a window stanchion in order to get into her house and went out at the back door, Bretton

1779 For Iron Stanshals for the church, Kirby Underdale.

dates 1335 1433 1454-1455 1490 1637 1726 1779

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0