1) A regional spelling of stile, that is a passage over or through a fence.

1572 ‘that they make and maintain le stele apud tofte gap’, Farnley Tyas

1583 Arthur Beeston shall set a steele at Rawcroft head under payne of 3s 4d, Ilkley

1648 timber for carts and yeates and steeles, Meltham. It is an element in minor place-names such as Steel Bank and Steel Lane: the latter is likely to be linked to ‘the messuage called Stelerode’, held by the Woodhead family in 1448: in 1465 there was ‘a meadow called le steledoyle’ in Rowley near Lepton. In 1884, the Rev. Lewthwaite of Newsome near Almondbury wrote in the chuch magazine: leaving Steel Common, now commonly called Stile Common.

dates 1448 1465 1572 1583

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0