1) A pillar or post, usually of wood or stone.

1463 for a newe stowpe to the grate yates 10d, Bubwith

1553 againste the stowpe of the stall which was sett harde in the grounde, Terrington

1626 for setting stowpes and rales in the arch of a woodden bridge near Sowerby Milne, Thirsk

1650 did pull and afterwards broke … two rayless and six stoopes out of a foote wooden bridge, Huddersfield. At Kirkstall, in 1686, it was ordered that stoopes of wood or stone be set in the sides of a causey to guide persons when the water is high and to keep waynes, Carts and Carryages from destroying the said Cawsey. It was used occasionally as a verb: 1607 the inhabitants in Acome to stoupe and rayle their several lands.

spellings stoup stulp
dates 1463 1553 1607 1626 1650 1686

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0