1) A stud, that is a short piece of timber, particularly such as were used for the uprights in a timber-framed house.

1284 ‘27 stodes, 14 ft in length’, Scarborough

1434-5 ‘for stothes … for the house’, Selby

1446 vj quercus … pro les stothes grangić et les screnes et ostiis, Beverley

1582 iiij plough heads iij stothes a molde borde balkes, South Cave

1658 severall deales and stoothes, Selby

1739 90 yards of stoothing for the petitions [sic for partitions] at 1s a yard, West Riding.

dates 1284 1434-1435 1446 1582 1658 1739

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2) An obsolete spelling of stud, that is the ornamental studs on a belt or girdle.

Used as a verb and noun: 1530 a gyrdell stothed with sylver, Clint

1538 Unto ... my doughter a ledder belt with syluer stothes, Thirsk

1543 my best girdle harnessed with a rede corse and xxxiiij stothes of siluer and gilte, Adel.

spellings stud
places Thirsk Clint Adel
dates 1530 1538 1543

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0