1) A strip of iron along the left-hand side of a plough.

1395 Item pro ij dosan plewstrakys iiijs, Whitby

c.1426 bad hym that he suld make hym osmundes of the drosse and landyren ... and na plughstrakes, York

1579 ij yron howpes vj plowghe straikes with wayne clowtes, South Cave. Also a section of the iron rim or tyre of a cart wheel: 1597 Item 6 newe tyre strokes with other iron stuffe, South Cave

1619 Iron for bynding a payre of wheeles ... 2 dozen wayneclouts and one dozen stroakes, Brandsby.

spellings stroke (2)
dates 1395 1426 1579 1597 1619

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2) An alternative spelling of stroke (1), and strike (1).

1400 j siffe, j buschell, j strake, York

1558 to Jenet Scamonden a strake of wheate, Ackton.

places York Ackton
dates 1400 1558

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0