1) A holy water sprinkler.

1449 unum halywatirfatt et unum strynkyll de argento, Everton

1455 j litill holy water fatt with j strenkill of silver, York

1493 To a well disposed preste ... I will that he ... take the holy water strynkill and goe to the grave ... and cast holywater on the grave, York

1520 paid for ij strynkylles, jd, York

c.1537 j holywater fatt with a strynkyll of sylver ungilt weyng liiij unces, Fountains Abbey. As a verb it meant more generally ‘to sprinkle’: 1707 Thomas Calvert’s shoes were all strinkled with red wares, Baildon

1741 strinkle it over with bread Crumbs, Pontefract.

dates 1449 1455 1493 1520 1537 1707 1741

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0