1) Commonly used of locations which benefited most from the sun.

1379 Adam at Sonnend, Handsworth

1510 To be buried in the parishe churche ... upon the son-side, Sherburn in Elmet

1556 to be buried within the parishe churche yearde of Ledes of the sonnsyd

c.1571 one Acre and a half ... Lyinge on the Sun side of Huddersfield grene

1592 John Eastwod of Crosland of the Sunne end of the towne

1703 from the Lower Thunderyate ... to the sunside of the said Senier’s Garden, Shelley.

spellings sun-side
dates 1379 1510 1556 1571 1592 1703

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0