1) A herdsman in charge of the swine, working on behalf of a township or group of owners.

1472 Also xij men has ordan & chosyn ij men of ather gatt for to gedyr the swyn hyrd hyrez with the constabylle, Selby

1579 no inhabitant ... shall keep any swine saving within their own several grounds ... and the said swine ... shall not go in any of the said laynes, common pastures or streets before the Swyneherd blowe his horn, Beverley

1608 William Splett of Nunnington being the hired servant for keeping there towne-swyne

1668 The Swinard is Will Hobson and ... hee is to repaire the fould ... and if any beast be impounded by his neglect the pouncill is to be paid out of his wadgis, Bridlington

1747 George Ruddock appointed swineherd until Michaelmas next and to have 20s salary and 10s towards a cloth coat, Beverley. The Latin porcarius is on record much earlier, especially in monastic accounts, and only occasional by-names provide evidence of the English word: 1377-8 Johanni Swynehird operanti in carpentaria, Bolton Priory

1379 Willelmus Swynhyrd, Halton East.

spellings town-swine
dates 1377-1378 1379 1472 1579 1608 1668 1747

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0