1) A sword sharpener (OED) but also the craftsman who made sword sheaths.

1479 Et solutum ... Robson swerdsliper pro j vagina de novo facta magno gladio maioris, York

1596 arte of smithes, armourers, cutlers, swordslipers and hardewayremen, Beverley

1638 Jonathan Worrall, Halifax, swordsliper. By-names provide the earliest evidence: 1305 Peter le Swerdslipere, Northallerton

1316 ‘William the Swerdslyper’, Wakefield

1379 Johannes Swerdslyper, Rotherham

1425 ‘Thomas Swordsliper holds seven acres of land’, Leeds.

dates 1305 1316 1379 1425 1479 1596 1638

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0