1) A piece of figured cloth which could serve as a hanging, a carpet or a table-cover.

1287-8 et in tapetis et sotularibus et pelliciis emptis ad opus canonicorum xxixs ijd, Bolton Priory

1342 lego Roberto Coltebay unum novum tapetum, York

1391 tribus cortinis et tribus tapetis de blodio, Harewood

1485 vj cusshyns de tappett xxd, Clotherholme. There were tapiters in York from the thirteenth century: c.1280 Willelmus Tapiter but the guild may have been established later, possibly from c.1375 when no fewer than ten men were enrolled as freemen, e.g. 1375 Thomas de Coppegrave, tapetter: several of those names were included in their undated ordinances.

dates 1280 1287-1288 1342 1375 1391 1485

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0