1) The phrase ‘by task’ was a reference to piece-work, and in <i>c</i>.1570 John Kaye wrote <i>owt with thy plowghe Lett taskers thresh more strawe</i> (KayeCP). Employers would take on men at such rates under certain conditions.

1690 by Taske

1694 paid for getting by Taske, Farnley. The word has a much longer history and is the origin of the surname Tasker: 1341 Thomas Tasker, Ousthorpe

1379 Johannes Tasker, Sprotbrough. Found also in a minor place-name: 1544 un claus’ voc’ Taskerrod, Whitley.

dates 1341 1379 1544 1570 1690

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0