1) The regional word for the main street of a village or town.

1523 to the pavyng of the towne gaite of Tokwith iijs iiijd,

1541 Also I giue to the churche a tre at lies in the Towne gaite, Houghton

1616 the complainant ... came forth of the house ... into the street or towngate, Halifax

1668 Dorothy Blakey ... heard a great noise in the Street ... did observe that Richard Walker did come downe the Towne gate, Grindleton

1684 all that one shop ... in the towne gate of Kirkby Malzeard late erected upon the waste. Most ‘town-gates’ gave way to ‘town street’ from the seventeenth century, but it survives quite frequently as a place-name. Huddersfield’s town gate of 1589 was given the name Kirkgate c.1797 by the Ramsden family who held the lordship, no doubt anxious to place the town on a par with Bradford, Leeds and Wakefield.

dates 1523 1541 1616 1668 1684 1797

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0