1) These were the special garments worn by clergymen and theirn assistants when performing church services.

1346 lego eisdem monialibus ad vestimenta inde facienda coccineas armat’ cum teguminibus equorum, York

1485 a vestment of borde alisaunder, Ripon

1497 Item a vestment of red velvet with a crosse of cloth of gold with the albe, stole and all other thyngez apperteyning therto, Wakefield

1518-9 payd for rebon and frenges to the hawbes and for mendyng of iiij vestmenttes ijs, York

1558 all suche coipes, vestementtes and the other ornamenttes as I have remaininge in the said churche, Stanley.

dates 1346 1485 1497 1518-1519 1558

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0