1) A fulling-miller, the person who originally ‘walked’ or trampled the cloth, a regional term.

1301 De Rogero le Walker, New Malton

1349 in illo mesuagio in le Walkmylnbanke ... ex dono ... Johannis Walker, Ripon

1379 fullo Thomas Walker, Bradford

1436 Willelmus Brunsall, walker, York

1484 every walker shall walk the said cloth and clothez sufficiently ... so that thay be as wele walked in oon place as in an othere, York

1506 to send for suche on walker as shall walk and wyrk that cloth, York

1540 George Sympson had two Walk or fulling mills ... and in them used Walker Craft by himself or his men, Leeds. The 'feminine' form is also on record: 1379 fullo Johannes Walkester, Liversedge.

dates 1301 1349 1379 1436 1484 1506 1540

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0