wand hagg

1) The wand hagg was a wood or part of a wood set aside for the production of wands, which had a wide variety of uses in the past.

The word survived only in minor place-names but the indications are that it may formerly have been in general use across Yorkshire, from the thirteenth century at least: 1505 the Northewest end of the Waude Hagge [sic], Healaugh

1538-9 boscum vocatum Whandehage, Bilsdale

1642 Also Wand hagg 6 yers growth Bilsdale

1770 Wandhagg, Great Ouseburn. An occupational by-name is confirmation of its early history: 1297 De Ricardo Wandehagger, Wawne.

spellings wand hagger
dates 1297 1505 1538-1539 1642 1770

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0