1) This is found in east Yorkshire as a measure of meadow land: it may have developed there from ‘yardwand’ or as a variant of ‘wang’, under the influence of ‘wandale’.

1583 Item 4 wands in the south ing meddo, Kirby Underdale

1596 two wandes of meadow in the Northe Inges, Thirsk

1723 one Milnbeck-wand adjoining also on the Milnbeck, Newton.

dates 1583 1596 1723

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2) A pliant shoot or sapling used in basket-making, wattle work, etc. They were commonly of willow and hazel and would occur naturally, but the evidence suggests that they were also deliberately cultivated, in riverside locations or in reserved woods.

1364 ‘Flekewandes growing on the banks of the water of the Eyer are leased to Hugo Childe’, Methley

1558 selling wands taken unlawfully from the woods, Acomb

1598 ‘cut down and carried away one load of wood called wandes’, Farnley Tyas

1609 We present Richard Hynde for gettinge of Eight heslewandes, Malham. In the following case it may have referred to a wicker-work fish leap or basket: 1623 osiers, hopps, fishe wandes, sallowes, Butterwick. The wands referred to in fabric accounts were for binding: 1399-1400 Et in lxvj wandschothis emp. 21s, Ripon

1446 vc dimidia templewande pro sutura ejusdem cooperturae 4d, Beverley. In 1750, the Almondbury constable recorded the expense involved in repairing Fenay Bridge, a wooden construction which had only parish status despite being on a major highway. One of the items listed was Laying the wans on the Bridge at a cost of 4s. These would have been ‘wands’ or thin sticks, possibly laid at right angles over more substantial pieces of wood. The minor place-name Wandwath was recorded in Hazlewood in 1318, and is probably identical with Wandewat in 1120-47. It implies that wands were also used at fords from a very early date.

dates 1120-1147 1318 1364 1399-1400 1446 1558 1598 1609 1623 1750

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3) Made of wicker work or encased in it.

1563 On Wandyt leape ijs, Knayton

1565 a wanded basket, Temple Newsam

1567 In the lawe buttryewanded bottles, Richmond

1574 one wanded skeppe to put breade in, Wensley

1578 one wanded screne, Stockeld

1597 a little wanded arke, Wakefield

1656 a wanded chaire, North Bierley. It referred also to wattled partition walls: 1634 one watled wanded or rised woghe, Addingham and occasionally had the spelling ‘wand’, even as an adjective: 1481 De j wand busshell, York

1490 de j lez wand-bushell ijd, York.

spellings wanded
dates 1481 1490 1563 1565 1567 1574 1578 1597 1634 1656

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0