1) A rope or leather band used to secure the load on a pack horse.

1377-8 wambtous trayses kypstryngs, Bolton Priory

1395 pro iiij pese de waimto-webs xxd, Whitby

1416-7 ‘for 3 Wambtyes purchased from William Roper’, Selby

c.1504 ij pak sadlys with waymtoys and pakes viijd, York

1585 two lodesadles with garthes and wantoes 6s 8d, Rastrick

1676 they had cutt the wanty that tyed his pack fast to his panyers which he found was fallen downe and most of his cheeses throwne abroad, Brompton on Swale.

spellings wanty
dates 1377-1378 1395 1416-1417 1504 1585 1676

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0