1) Sometimes the band or tire of a wheel on a vehicle.

1557 In the hag house ... vj pare of plow irens ... iiij qwelebannes, Kirkham in Lancashire. The meaning is not always clear: 1647 I here bought ... 2 wheelebands, 4d ... 1 pair of sissors and 3 locks, Sheffield. In the context of cutlery it was the word used for the driving band or belt of the grinding wheel: in 1697 Michael Fox had a wheelband certain Puleys at the grinding wheel and in 1739 George Greaves, scissorsmith, had at Morton Wheel 9 pulleys, 2 horsings … a wheel band, a wheel kitt.

dates 1557 1647 1697 1739

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0