1) The embankments that adjoined bridge abutments were often reinforced and fronted with a stone wall. These wings or wing walls are referred to from the seventeenth century.

1684 Rampiers and wings, Conistone

1702 to make a wing or weare of hewen stone, Skirden. In the latter case the dimensions were given: one wing wall att the East end of the said bridge twelve yards long and two yards high, with a frame under the said wing wall.

spellings wing wall
dates 1684 1702

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2) The wings of large birds were used as brushes.

1371 Et in wengges emptis, 4d York. In 1642, Henry Best wrote: the man is to stande ready with a winge in his hande and ever as hee taketh out a combe hee is to ... winge of the bees, Elmswell .

spellings weng
places Elmswell York
dates 1371 1642

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0