1) A word found only in Leeds, where wool, like clothes more generally, was draped over a ‘hedge’ to dry. The evidence is not conclusive but it seems likely that such a ‘hedge’ was made of rails.

In the reeve’s account for Leeds of 1579-80 mention is made of several woollrayles, and a woolhedge leased to William Beicrofte. Subsequently, ‘wool hedge’ is on record in clothiers’ wills and manorial court records: 1588 to my son William my great lyttinge lead, pair of tenters and my wollhedge and all my shope geare, Leeds

1650 James Rider surrenders one peice of ground on Woodhouse Moore conteyning in length 32 yardes & in breadth 12 For a wooll hedge

1653 Wm Taylor ... surrenders one Barne one Garth, two gardens two wooll hedges, Leeds

1700 Linnen Cloathes ... laid out on certain Rails in a croft called the Woollhedge Croft ... to dry ... she told them ... a man had stolen some Cloaths off their Wooll hedge, Rodley.

places Leeds Rodley
dates 1579-1580 1588 1650 1653 1700

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0