1) The back premises of a dwelling; a garden or enclosure.

1556 everye man that haithe anye tennants of their baksyds do putt theym awaye, Wakefield

1567 Thomas Willance house and the shopps with the garthes of the baksydes, Richmond

1672 iron stolen out of his yard or backside of his house, Skipton

1693 having some occasion to goe into his backside saw two men in the next backside, Halifax

1746 two garths or closes on the backside, Driffield. The same word could refer to an area in a town or village away from the main street: 1586 ‘to a way on le Backeside of the same vill’, Broughton in Cleveland

1651 he apprehended two persons traveiling on the backe side of Malton . See HPN22.

dates 1556 1567 1586 1651 1672 1693 1746

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0