1) A fabric which is almost incapable of definition although the word is said to have first been used of a costly eastern material, apparently made of hair from Angora goats.

Beck’s Draper’s Dictionary says of its production: ‘the changes have been rung with all materials in nearly every possible combination’: 1300 Item lego Roberto de Aldeburg vnam Robam de camelecto albo ... Anselmo capellano meo vnam Robam de cameletto bruno, Harpham

1472 I will that Thomas Savell have a Dublett of grene Chamlett, Pontefract

1523 Herry Faux shall have the chamlet cote of white and grene that was lately bought for hym, York

c.1537 a hole pece of black chamblett, Halifax

1562 to Anne More my worst chamlay kyrtell, Richmond. Most Yorkshire examples are late: 1697 a gray camblett coate, Shitlington

1756 one camblet stuff gown, Clifton on the Forest

1758 narrow cloths, serges and cambletts, Wakefield.

spellings camlet chamblet chamlet chamley
dates 1300 1472 1523 1537 1562 1697 1756 1758

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0