gin driver

1) The gin driver was the man in charge of the gin horses.

1754 For Driving the Ginn horses, Beeston but the occupational term is uncommon and noted only in 1814 when 10 men, 3 hurriers and ginn driver all received a New Year’s Gift at Soil Hill. Gin pit is referred to above under ‘gin’, but other attributive uses occur in a detailed list of expenses for the new pit at Hanging Hey in Shibden: in 1749-51 there were items for iron and work by the blacksmith, a ginn rope

the wall about the ginn gate

painting the ginn and a sequence relating to the gin house: Pd the carpenters in full for the house over the ginn Ł3 16s 7d

Pd the colliers for making the horse gate round the ginn

Pd Mr Best in full for the ginn house and carriage. A paved gin gate at Catherine Slack was still well preserved in 1930 when W.B. Trigg wrote his account of the Halifax coalfield and included an illustration of the gin.

spellings gin gate gin house gin pit gin rope
dates 1749-1751 1754 1814 1930

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0