1) A regional spelling of hasp, that is a hank of yarn, the fourth part of a spindle (OED).

1554 iiij heckylles vij hespes of garne ij lynne wheles, South Cave

1620 2 hespes of yarne, South Cave

1658 12 hespes of fennule [femble?] gairne, 20 hespes of seck waft, Barley

1717 40 hesps of wet linen yarn, Birstwith.

spellings hasp
dates 1554 1620 1658 1717

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2) A contrivance for fastening a door or gate, used in combination with a staple.

1360 Pro j hespe et staple 2d, York

1404 In ... clavibus, hespes, stapels factis per Henricum Loksmyth per annum 6s 4d, York

1528-9 Item for hespys and stapylles iiijd, York. Used occasionally as a verb: 1696 went out of her house and hesp’t her door and locked it after her, Doncaster.

places York Doncaster
dates 1360 1404 1528-1529 1696

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0