1) In Yorkshire records this was usually a yearling sheep, from weaning until the first shearing.

1297 Nicholas Forestarius habet ... iij hogg’ precium iijs, North Stainley

1457 lego iiijxx agnos vocatos hogges apud Anlaby

1455 pro custodia Hogges in hieme ... in le Appilgarth, Fountains Abbey

1502-3 lego Carver quatuor oves vocat’ hogges, Ledsham

1513 ‘to keep at bed and board ... a shepherd ... for keeping a hoogg floke’, Markington

1559 Item 59 hogges at 40s a score, Ł5 18 0, North Stainley

1571 a hundreth wedder sheep and a hundreth ewes and tuppes and 60 hogg sheep, Elmswell.

dates 1297 1455 1457 1502-1503 1513 1559 1571

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2) A swine.

1577 Item one swyne hogge, 4s, Crackpot

1589 the little sue, the lest hogg one other hogg with a black spott on the farr shoulder, one other hogg with a sanded head ... 8 shotes ... 3 other swine, South Cave

1605 for stealing a swine hogg, Aistenby

1638 James Trimingham convicted for the unlawfull takeinge and detayninge of a hoggeswyne, Doncaster.

dates 1577 1589 1605 1638

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0