1) In perhaps the most explicit references, the word used by West Riding clothiers for urine was 'lant'.

In 1724, the inventory of Joseph Holroyd of Upperthong included a lant copper, the vessel in which the urine was stored and John Brearley wrote the following in his memorandum book: 1758 shalloons to bee scowred with hogs dung and lant hot in a tub

so sadden itt with old lant called piss, Wakefield. There were further details in 1761: The cloathiers about Wakefild the mix swine turd and piss called lant together so squeses itt out with theire hand then drains itt through a wire seiff that no moats gets in. So lecks itt over on the cloath att first when it comes out in loom and itt makes itt scowr better. But itt is apt to get some moats into the cloath. For a detailed history see OWR1/2 and 2/1.

dates 1724 1758

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0