1) A spelling of ‘maul’, which is usually defined as ‘a massive hammer’ of any kind (OED). Yorkshire examples indicate that malls could be large or small, and were commonly made of iron as well as of wood.

1371 Et in 2 novis mall’ emptis pro quarera frangenda ... 21s, York

1423 pro iij malleis magnis de ferro … ij malleis parvis, York

1569 my greatest iron malle, foure yron wedges, Shelf

c.1570 with mell and wedge , Woodsome

1611 a great mell and certeine rules, Barwick in Elmet

1612 all the wodde in the fold together with all the axes, malls, hatchetts, Eccleshill. In 1713, the cutler John Shirtcliffe had 1 Vice 1 Mall 1 workboard and other tools recorded in his inventory .

spellings mell (1) maul
dates 1371 1423 1569 1570 1611 1612 1713

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0