1) A rare spelling of nout, that is cattle.

a.1731 Yorke hath 7 head fiars that is Whitson Monday, St Peeter day & lammas day, Cald the nought fares, Scalm Park.

places Scalm Park
dates 1731

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2) Naught, nothing. To 'ail nowt' is still to be in good health.

1538 to the orgone maker of London for ys fey when he comys in to this countre and seys that owr orgons haylles [ails] noght, York

c.1570 the heire owght to be carefull that nowght perished be, Woodsome. It was derogatory when used of individuals: 1725 said that Jonas Horsfall is nought, Ilkley and could mean useless in references to tools and implements: 1642 the naughtinesse of the Mowers cradle, Elmswell. It occurs occasionally in by-names but these were probably nicknames and their real significance remains uncertain: 1379 Adam Costenoght, Conisbrough. Smith has Costnoght place in his list of Sheffield field names.

spellings naught naughty naughtiness
dates 1379 1538 1570 1642 1725

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0