1) Placed across or lying athwart something else, crosswise.

1417 Thomas Duffeld hafe sextene yerdys over thwart of the garthe fra the wall, York

1500 Item, for a tymmer of putts sewing the overquart semys, jd, York

1517 north and sowth betwixt raynes and the waynway goynge overqwhart it, Threshfield

c.1535 the seyd riotous persons dyd ... cast the seyd dame Anne ouerthwart apon a horse bakk lyke a sekk, Egton

1537 and from thence south overthwart to a close called Carr-rode, Calverley

c.1570 begynyng at the overthwart aley, Almondbury church

1590 Item 4 ouerwhart sykes north and south, Kirby Underdale

1603 the way from the Oldgarth to go overthwart the Colgarthes, Airton

1611 one stone sett overthwarte betwene one house of Nicholas Fenay ... and the groundes there of the said Robert Kay, Almondbury

1643 for the helmewood and props and the overwhart liers [cross-beams], Elmswell

1703 shee falling ill and not able to goe, the Constable took her up and laid her over whart a horse, Hunshelf. As a noun it could mean a lintel: 1537 ij doore cheyks & a fresholde with a overwhart to the same, Bridlington. Used occasionally as a verb: 1573 the accustomed way for cart and carriage which lyeth overthwarting his great new close, Doncaster.

spellings overquart overwhart
dates 1417 1500 1517 1535 1537 1570 1573 1590 1603 1611 1643 1703

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0