pack cloth

1) A coarse material used to wrap up the packs carried by pack animals, particularly wool.

1394-5 Item pro xxvj ulnis canaby emptis pro pacclathis xijs iijd, Whitby

1539 I witto John Taliour my sone all the wooll in the pake clothe with the pakclothe, Woodkirk

1642 For selling of woll ... It was weighed in the hall, the packe-cloath beinge layd against the skreene

it was weighed all in single stones, Elmswell

1742 wool packed up in packs of canvas commonly called packcloth ... stamped or marked on the outside with the word wool in large letters 3 inches in length, Rawcliffe.

dates 1394-1395 1539 1642 1742

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0