1) A typical English spelling of French ‘cierge’. It was a large wax candle, especially one used in religious ceremonies.

1371 Et in vj serzis emptis pro le mold 18d, York

1393 I wyte xxlb of wax in v sereges to birn a boute my body, York

1492 also 1lb of wax to be made in a serge, York

1533 I will that x or xij serdges and tapers shalbe kepid and upholden in the said parishe churche, Halifax

1548 I will haue a serge of waxe sett opon the herse ouer me the spaice of one yere, Saxton.

dates 1371 1393 1492 1533 1548

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2) A woollen fabric, latterly durable, twilled worsted.

1710 In the shop ... browne searge, stript searge, Holmfirth.

places Holmfirth
dates 1710

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0