1) A sailor, although most of the evidence relates to men who operated boats on the Ouse, the Trent and their tributaries. Several villages and towns in that region were ports.

1379 William de Seyton, schypmane, Rawcliffe

1398 William Bird, schipman, Beverley

1421 In cariagio xlvj tuntight lapidum a Cawod usque Ebor. per aquam in valde magna siccitate per botes, per iiij vices per Johannem Blacburn, 27s 2d. By-names provide many early references: c.1280 Benedictus le Scipman, York

1301 De Roberto Schipman, Catton juxta Swale

1320 Adam Schipman, Hambleton

1379 Robertus Shypman, Rawcliffe.

dates 1280 1301 1320 1379 1398 1421

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0