1) To know, to be aware of.

1487 we grete you wele latting you wit that by sundry reports made unto us we undrestande the faithfull diligence and wise weys that ye have used, York.

places York
dates 1487

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2) To bequeath.

1393 Also I wyte for my corspresent the best garment that I for my body ordand, York

1434 I wite to the Trinitee gilde xls, Ousefleet

1478 I witt to the kirkwark of Wakefeld x marcs, Halifax

1498 all my goodes nott wytt nor yeven ... I yeve and witt unto my executors, Ripon

1518-9 rasavid of Master Geges wyffe that hyr husband whyttyd to owr kyrke warke iijs iiijd, York

1558 I witt to my mother one bushell of rye, South Cave.

dates 1393 1434 1478 1498 1518-1519 1558

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0