Source Materials

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Bolton Priory Account Roll 1377-8

Bolton Priory Compotus

Bolton Priory Coucher Book

Bond between John Bawne of Skerne and Sir John Crompton of Skerne concerning arable lands in Skerne and Whipple Ing, 2 February 1617

Bond between John Kilvington of Hunslett and Mary his wife, and John Scott of New Laithe of West Ardsley, concerning a messuage at Newlaithe in West Ardsley, 28 March 1727

Bond between Jonas Thompson of York and Thomas Kirke of Great Driffield, concerning Bell Mill in Skerne, 20 April 1708

Bond between Matthew Caygill of Askrig, Ann Caygill his mother, Anthony Caygill, and William Thompson of Norton, concerning messuage in East and West Holme Green, 11 August 1700

Bond between Thomas Crompton of London and Edward Trustowe of Beverley, concering a messuage in Winterborne 'Winterborne hale', 7 March 1588

Bond between Thomas Crompton of London and James Best of Howton Cranswick concerning the capital messuage in Winterborne, 7 March 1595

Bond between Thomas Crompton of London and John Richardson of Skerne, concerning his mansion of the manor or lordshippe of Skerne, 7 September 1603

Bond between Thomas Pretious Kirby Hill and Anne Robinson of Helperby, concerning a messuage in Kirkby, 10 November 1689

Bond between William Frankland of Hetton in Craven and Thomas his son, and Joseph Turner of Hamlethorpe in Craven concerning four cattle gates, 28 April 1694

Bond between William Thorley of Great Driffield and Thomas Baynton of Wansforth, 21 February 1658

Bond between William Warter of Wansford and John Crompton of Skerne, 5 November 1614

Bond between William Wilkinson of Milbye and Elizabeth his wife, and Thomas Pretious of Kirkeby upon Moore and Thomas his son, concerning the hempe garth at the South end of Kirkeby, 7 May 1659

Bond by William de Bour of Athelingflet to Alan du Celer of Athelingflet for the sum of 15s, [probably 1322-3]

Bond for Joseph Taylor of Mirfield, for rent, repairs etc of a cottage and garden in Meltham, 1 May 1735

Bond from Gervase Lee of Bentihaugh in Sheffield and Dionysius Lee of Bentihaugh to Richard Shemeld of Sheffield, 6 January [1622-1623]

Book of William Crauseter, controller, from Michaelmas 1489 to Michaelmas 1490

Bradford manor court rolls 1358-1363

Bradford manor court rolls 1409-1422

Bradford session roll, July 1710

Bradford session roll, July 1714

Bradford session roll, July 1724

Bradford session roll, July 1727

Bradford session roll, July 1728

Bradford session roll, July 1730

Bradford session roll, July 1731

Bradford session roll, July 1733

Bradford session roll, July 1736

Bradford session roll, July 1740

Bradford session roll, July 1741

Bradford session roll, July 1748

Bradford session roll, July 1751

Bradford session roll, July 1752

Bradford session roll, July 1755

Bradford session roll, Oct 1706

Bretton Estate Archive: Bundle of documents relating to Cawthorne and Barnby, 1561-1611

Bretton Estate Archive, formerly at Bretton Hall

Bridlington constables' accounts

Bridlington Pier Repairs

Buckden and Sterbotten court rolls [1545-1591]

Burton Agnes Book of pains and orders 1632-1710

Calendars of inquisitions post mortem.

Calverley Manor Court rolls 1691-1693

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