Source Materials

Articles of agreement between Sir John Tempest and Richard Rainer, James Margerison, Richard Margerison and John Margerison, 1 May 1684

Articles of agreement between Sir John Tempest and Richard Rayner, James Margerison, Jonathan Nettleton, and Richard Margerison, 27 May 1686

Articles of agreement between Sir John Tempest and Richard Tempest, Christopher Nettleton and John Margerison of Tong, tanner, 10 April 1672

Articles of agreement between Sir John Tempest and Thomas Alsop and John Mason, 25 March 1672

Articles of agreement between Sir John Tempest and William Lumby and John Tempest for use of two woods in Tong, 22 December 1690

Articles of agreement betwixt John Sutcliffe of Leebottom and John Sutcliffe of Stoodley respecting exchanging two fields, 14 October 1778

Articles of agreement, convenanted and agreed upon between Edward Sutcliffe and John Sutcliffe, 13 April 1624

Articles of agreement relating to land at South Crosland, 12 November 1666

Assignment by Thomas Dale of Hie Storres to Henry Brighte of Whiteley Wood of an unexpired portion, 23 May [1579]

Assignment of a mortgage on a house called the Dearne in Lindley, p. Huddersfield, 23 November 1702

Assurance concerning a dam for a walkemilne in Barkesland and Stainland, 25 July 1580

Augmentation Office Miscellaneous Books

Autobiography of Rev. John Shaw, Vicar of Rotherham to 1664, from Ralph Thoresby's transcripts, c. 1707: entry from 1632-35

Award concerning disputes between Richard Sunderland of Highe Sunderland and Richard Waterhous of Shelffe, 13 June 1590

Award concerning disputes between Thomas Crosley of Smathies and John Crosley of Ecklesell, scheirman, 10 January 1538

Award concerning ground near a close called 'Steaner' in Southeowrum, 29 September 1562

Award in dispute between Charles Turton of Ouer Denby and Henry Jesope of Leekhall in Cumberworth, 6 December 1552

A. W. Dyson, An XVIIIth Century Diary. ‘William Metcalfe – his book’ (Easingwold, 1980)

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Bargain and sale between John Ransden, Lascalles Hall and Richard Moseley, Shelley for a house in Roydhouse, 15 February 1607/8

Bargain and sale in Bradley, 30 April 1549

Bargain and sale of a messuage called Toftshae in parishes of Birstall and Bradford, 1599-1600

Bargain and sale of land at Kirkheaton, 30 April 1601

Bargain and sale of land at Kirkheaton, July 1589

Bargain and sale of land at South Crosland, 24 April 1547

Bargain and sale of land in Huddersfield, Almondury and Dodworth, 15 December 1545

Bargain and sale of land in Lepton, 28 August 1638

Bargain and sale of land in Whitley, 12 June 1621

Bargain and sale of one and a half years of land in Kirkheaton, 9 May 1526

Bargain and sale of various property in Huddersfield, 17 May 1607

Bargain and sale of 'Wormstall Clough' in Barkisland, 11 May 1665

Barnsley session roll, October 1671

Barnsley session roll, October 1672

Barnsley session roll, October 1674

Barnsley session roll, October 1677

Barnsley session roll, October 1680

Barnsley session roll, October 1681

Barnsley session roll, October 1682

Barnsley session roll, October 1688

Barnsley session roll, October 1709

Barnsley session roll, October 1735

Barnsley session roll, October 1753

Beaumont of Whitley, family and estate records

Beaumont of Whitley: papers of family interest

Bench Book of the Mayor and Alderman of Kingston upon Hull, 1377-1595

Beverley Guildhall, Tanning in the Town (2005-6).

Beverley Minster Fabric Roll, 1445-1446

Beverley Minster Provost's Book, 1417-1480

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0