Source Materials

Accounts of William Ramsden Woodward general for Yorks., former abbey properties, 1544-5

A collection of material relating to Colne Valley.

A collection of material relating to south Yorkshire.

Act Book for Ripon Cathedral Dean and Chapter, 1452-1506

Acts and Ordinances: 3 October [1474-5]

Acts, Orders, Ordinances and Constitutions, 25 November 1625

Administration and inventory of John Battersby, Dunnow Hall p. Slaidburne, 4 December 1716

Administration of David Gilliam, Selby, 1685

Administration of Edward Collitt the elder, Brayton, 1663

Administration of James Roderyk, York, 27 May 1459

Administration of Jane Cressy, Brayton, 1682

Administration of John Both, York, 11 September 1464

Administration of John Crosland, Burne p. Brayton, 1673

Administration of John Widhope, Waddisworth in Heptonstall, 24 March 1529

Administration of Jonathan Coates, Selby, 1695

Administration of Leonard Wilkinson, Selby, 1675

Administration of Richard Abott, Selby, 1677

Administration of Richard Ibbison, Barlay, 1673

Administration of Richard Styltbayne, Scamston, 17 April 1472

Administration of Robert Anbye, Selby, 1658

Administration of Robert Aske, Selby, 1681

Administration of Robert Driffield, York, 2 March 1402

Administration of Robert Fawcett, Thorpe Willoughby p. Brayton, 1671

Administration of Robert Haxby, Selby, 1691

Administration of Robert Watson, Selby, 1689

Administration of Samuel Barnerd, Selby, 1706/7

Administration of Thomas Abott, Selby, 1676

Administration of Thomas Bemeslay, York, 31 March 1427

Administration of Thomas Boulton, Gateforth p. Brayton, 1683

Administration of Thomas Woodam, Selby, 1685

Administration of William Arnold, Thorpe Willoughby, 1672

Administration of William Bardeyn, Pannall, 15 May 1538

Administration of William Beilby, Selby, 1691

Administration of William Bracebridge, Hambleton p. Brayton, 1683

Administration of William De Furnivall, 8 May 1383

Administration of William Fox, Lund, 1683

Administration of William Hoddy, Selby, 1660

Administration of William Stokoe, Slaidburn, 4 October 1705

Administrative account and inventory of Thomas Pasmore of Richmond, 1577-1578

Admission to copyhold land in Meltham, 17 July 1432

A. Easther, A Glossary of the Dialect of Almondbury and Huddersfield (London, 1883)

A. F. Leach, Beverley Town Documents (London, 1900).

A. Fleming, Swaledale; valley of the wild river, (Edinburgh, 1998).

A Fragment of John Best's Farming Book, 1661

A. G. Crosby, Of Names and Places: Selected Writings of Mary Higham (Bristol, 2007)

A.G. Dickens, Lollards and Protestants in the Diocese of York 1509-1558 (London, 1959).

Agreement between Robert Stansfield of Esholt and William Maud, Benjamin Child and Enoch Neal, concerning fir trees on the sides of the causey in the townfield at Esholt, 19 April 1763

Agreement between Sir George Tempest and John Bank and William Harris for liberty to work coal mines at Tong and Holme, 21 November 1744

Agreement between Sir George Tempest and John Moore, Francis Watts, John Margerison and Edward Hanson, 22 April 1719

Agreement between Thomas Crompton of Benyngton and William Warter of Roche, concerning property in Skerne, 30 August 1597

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