Source Materials

Deed between Eleanor Lambert of Beverley, William Long of Great Driffield, Frances Faceley of York, 23 March 1750

Deed between George Cansett and John Peppertyne concerning property in Howden, 17 January 1584

Deed between Henry Calvert of Buckden p. Arncliffe and John Morris of Hawes p. Aysgarth, 4 September 1786

Deed between James Tayler of Keighley and John Fletcher of Chapell Allerton, for 'The Newhouse' in Great Gomersall, 9 September 1690

Deed between John Gamble, William Grosvenor et al, and Thomas Atkinson and Elizabeth his wife, 5 October 1630

Deed between John Gardiner of Great Driffield and William Long of Great Driffield, concerning the frontstead or scite of a cottage in Great Driffield, 24 February 1742

Deed between John Harrison, Robert Audsley, Nicholas Kitching and Thomas Kitchen, 23 October 1730

Deed between John Hutton and John Kirke, concerning a messuage in South Anston, 12 April 1664

Deed between John Kilvington, Mary his wife and Edward Kilvington, and John Scott of Lew Laith, for property in West Ardsley, 28 March 1727

Deed between Peter Burgess, Stephen Ingleby, George Watson and Thomas Hardcastle relating to Dallowgill, 17 April 1711

Deed between Robert Gardiner the elder, Henry Gardiner his son and Robert Gardiner the younger, his other son, 3 May 1692

Deed between Robert Sutcliffe of Stoithley and Robert his son, and John, William and Edward Sutcliffe, younger sons, 19 February 1579

Deed between Robert Sutcliffe the elder of Stotheley and John Sutcliffe of Withens, concerning a close of land called 'Stotheley Holme', 20 August 1658

Deed between Rowland Place and William Dent, and William Masterman concerning a messuage, tenement and burgage in Yarm, 4 May 1649

Deed between Samuell Aldersley and William Aldersley, and William Baily, concerning a messuage in Allerton, 22 June 1627

Deed between Samwell Leavingston, John Agar, Robert Pruddome et al., and a Doctor of Lealholmes, 2 September 1656

Deed between Thomas Butterwick of Yarme and William Butterwick his son, 12 September 1707

Deed between Thomas Lacye and William Chaloner, and Christopher Wright, for two closes called the Crookes, Hireman Hill and The Embles, 23 November 1686

Deed between Thomas Pannell and Mary his wife and Michael Godley of Warley, 8 February 1661

Deed between William Law of Egton and Bridgett his wife, and Roger Nesse of Glaisdale, 9 June 1724

Deed between William Maisterman the elder and Michael Ridley of Yarom and Elizabeth his wife and Simon his son, February 1660

Deed between William Mann of Gomersall and Thomas Mann of Gomersall, 10 February 1757

Deed Boxes

Deed concerning the seising of property belonging to John of Marsburgh the elder, 20 November 1459

Deed concerning three closes called 'the Rye Crofts' in Adwalton, otherwise 'Common Closes', 8 January 1785

Deed for full power and liberty and authority to build, fix or set up a Dam or Wear across a river in Saddleworth, 1791

Deed for purchase of messuages in Nytherthwong, 3 May 1586

Deed for shop now in tenure of Charles Inman, 18 July 1684

Deed of Covenants: Thomas Atkynson to the Abbot and Monastery of Fountains binding himself to the office of husbandry and feemanship in the Grange of Haddockstaynes, 1 April 1509

Deed of Gift, Newton Hall, Wakefield, Huddersfield and Almondbury

Deed of Partition of lands in Newsome and Almondbury 21 April 1583

Deed relating to Halifax, 4 February 1834

Deed relating to Horton in Ribblesdale, 11 October 1707

Deeds formerly deposited with the Yorkshire Archaeological Society.

Deeds for Monkgate 15, Grant by Walter de Osbaldwik and Sara his wife to John Archbaud and Ellen his wife, 1346

Deeds for Peter Lane Little and Kyrklane 11-12, Grant by Thomas de Loudham to John Curtays and Lettice his wife, 1338

Deeds for Peter Lane Little and Kyrklane 9-10, Grant by Thomas de Loudham to John Curtays and Lettice his wife, 1338

Deeds of George Wood and John Broadhead relating to Monk Bretton, 17th century

Deeds relating mainly to Kilnsey, 16th-18th century

Deeds relating to cottages in Great Driffield and the flour mill called 'Boulting Mill', 1746-1750

Deeds relating to Shelley, Shepley, Thurstonland

Delinquency of Leonard Pinckney, December 1646

Delinquency of Thomas Pickles, Feb 1645

Demise for 7 years from Invention of Holy Cross 1487 from Prior and convent of Bridlington to Sir Gervase Clyfton, the manor of Parva Kelke, 5 June 1484

Deposition of James Welch, 7 April 1608

Deposition of Thomas Hepworth in the case, Beaumont versus Dyson, 26 April 1576

Depositions by the freeholders concerning common pasture in Lepton, [c.1630]

Depositions relating to boundaries in Holmfirth and Saddleforth, 1749-1753

Depositions taken by Commission in case of George Wood Sr and Anne his wife, George Wood Jr and Jennett his wife v. George Woodruffe, John Vallance. Water corn-mills on the River Derne in the town of Monk Bretton, 1588

Description of the boundaries of Holmfirth in the reign of Henry V, nd

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