1) A portable breviary, that is the book which in the Roman Catholic church contained the ‘Divine Office’ for each day, and had to be ready to hand for those in orders.

1439 ‘one portiforium Anglice a portus’, Southowram

1454 I witt Robert my son the old Portos, Bossall

1459 a Graile, a Manuell, a litel Portose the which ... Sir Thomas toke with hym always when he rode, Wiverton

1497 an old portous noited, price xvjs, Wakefield

1520 a printyd portews by the gyft of Mr Rawson, Mount Grace

1541 I bequith to the new chapel one greate portesse, Fewston

1557 to Wathe churche a Almere, a vestement and a portys. It was meant to be carried from place to place, which may explain the following: 1454 my Portatyve which I say opon my selfe, Bossall.

dates 1439 1454 1459 1497 1520 1541 1557

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0