1) A willow or the wood from it, said by James to be the goat willow.

1546 Ther is a wood callyd Welskough conteynyng by estimacion xx acres of okes, asshes, salyes and other woodes there, valued at xxli, Well

a.1568 Hagges Mete to be solde att this Present and are besett with hasell, Sawyhe and Thornes, Pickering

1577 for cutting of saughes in Westwood unlycenced, 12d, Beverley

1615 one saughe and two ashe tree for xiijs viijd, Brandsby.. In c.1570 John Kaye of Woodsome recommended to his son that he sett whithorn on good ground sallow on clay. Some variant spellings are dealt with under ‘saugh’.

spellings sally saugh
dates 1546 1568 1570 1577 1615

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0