1) Many shovels were wooden implements, ‘shod’ with iron.

1616 2 shovel irons xvjd, Brandsby. The shovel, like the pick, could also stand for the person who would employ it: 1666 promise … to keepe in worke eighte pickes … two shoufles, South Crosland. Note: c.1570 Both forke and spade must use his trade To Shulve from Oxe and kowe, Woodsome

1614 j pare of tongs j fyre sholve, Stockeld. The usual dialect form was shoul: 1395 j spad yryn et schole yryn, Whitby

1557 an olde fyere showle, Thornton Bridge

1655 Paid for 2 new shoole Irons 2s 2d, Elland

1704 a new shoule

1707 for a shoule shaft 10d, Farnley. The verb had the same spelling: 1789 Leting water of in Street and shouling Roade and breaking stones, Tong.

spellings sholve shoul shoule shulve
dates 1395 1557 1570 1614 1616 1655 1666 1707 1789

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0